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Orissa Vredevoort & Dochters

Orissa Vredevoort & Dochters works as a mediator between raw material producers world-wide and the manufacturing industry in the Benelux market. We operate as an agent and/or distributor for a number of well known international manufacturers of raw materials for the cosmetic, detergent, cleaning and dietetic industry.

We sell fragrances, personal care ingredients and specialities, active ingredients for the household, detergent and I&I industry, plus lecithin derivatives for the dietetic market.

This portfolio of raw materials gives us the opportunity to offer you high quality ingredients, concepts and actual market trends. Our customers are multinationals, local brands, retailers and contract manufacturers. Orissa, “explore your senses”, is a reliable partner with knowledge (expertise) about our products and markets.


Our passion is to create inspiring, successful, timely and visionary fragrances based on the customers’ project briefings

Cosmetic ingredients

Orissa offers high quality range of (natural) ingredients for the cosmetic industry


Orissa offers high quality additives for the cleaning, detergent and I&I industry market

Dietetic ingredients

Expertise and exceptional quality of natural phospholipids and other lecithin derived availability systems

UV Testing

Orissa offers sun product testing: SPF, UVA, WR etc…, in vitro and in vivo, to measure quality, safety and efficiency of sun protection products