Who we are

Orissa Vredevoort & Dochters works as a mediator between raw material producers in Europe and the manufacturing industry in the Benelux market. We are agent and distributor for a number of well known international manufacturers of raw materials for the cosmetic, detergent, cleaning and dietetic industry.

We sell fragrances, personal care ingredients and specialties, active ingredients for the household, detergent and I&I industry, plus lecithin derivatives for the dietetic market.

This portfolio of raw materials gives us the opportunity to offer you high quality ingredients, concepts and actual market trends. Our customers are multinationals, local brands, retailers and contract manufacturers.

Orissa, “explore your senses” a reliable partner with knowledge about our products and markets.

Mission and Vision

Compact Dutch-Belgium company with a young – fresh market approach, combining sales and marketing, working for multinationals, retailers and contract manufacturers.

High quality, mainly natural based ingredients, from reliable partners.

This gives our customers not only answers concerning normal product requests, but helps them also, based on our expertise in the cosmetic as well detergents industry, with new market trend information and ideas.

Our history

How the company started….

1978 Foundation Orissa Drebing NL
1978 Representation Orissa Drebing GmbH (Fragrance Resources)
1994 Name change into Orissa Vredevoort Dochters
1994 Start of 100% independency with additional cosmetic ingredient suppliers
1996 Orissa Drebing GmbH taken over by Fragrance Resources
2000 Start of Mariska Vredevoort
2003 New office location: from Dodewaard to Deventer
2004 New company owner Mariska Vredevoort
2011 Philippe de Somere joins the sales team
2015 Start Philippe de Somere as CCO
2015 New office location in Deventer
2018 Orissa’s 40th anniversary
2024 Orissa joined forces with Dutch company Will & Co